Propaganda Theatre Show


Show Description

Propaganda are coming to O2 Academy Birmingham. Show fans will be flocking to O2 Academy Birmingham because Propaganda are performing in Birmingham.
With Birmingham being host to plenty of high quality events at O2 Academy Birmingham, plenty of fans from Birmingham and beyond will no doubt be getting tickets. Ensure you book your ticket in good time and don´t miss out.
have been fantastic in all locations, and this one in Birmingham is certain to be a fantastic show.

Show Dates

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Show DateTimeTypical PriceBuy Tickets
Friday 7th June 201310:30 pm £
Friday 21st June 201310:30 pm£145.00 to £175.00
Friday 28th June 201310:30 pm£9.50 to £19.00
Friday 5th July 201310:30 pm£3.00
Friday 12th July 201310:30 pm£3.00
Friday 19th July 201310:30 pm£37.00
Friday 26th July 201310:30 pm£4.00
Friday 2nd August 201310:30 pm£19.00 to £49.00
Friday 9th August 201310:30 pm£19.00 to £49.00
Friday 16th August 201310:30 pm£19.00 to £49.00
Friday 23rd August 201310:30 pm£19.00 to £49.00
Friday 30th August 201310:30 pm£19.00 to £49.00
Friday 6th September 201310:30 pm£15.00
Friday 13th September 201310:30 pm£25.00 to £75.00
Friday 4th October 201310:30 pm£3.00
Friday 11th October 201310:30 pm£3.00
Friday 18th October 201310:30 pm£3.00
Friday 1st November 201310:30 pm£3.00
Friday 15th November 201310:30 pm£3.00
Friday 22nd November 201310:30 pm£3.00
Friday 29th November 201310:30 pm£3.00
Friday 6th December 201310:30 pm£3.00
Friday 13th December 201310:30 pm£3.00
Friday 20th December 201310:30 pm£3.00
Friday 27th December 201310:30 pm£3.00
Friday 3rd January 201410:30 pm£3.00
Friday 10th January 201410:30 pm£3.00
Friday 17th January 201410:30 pm£3.00
Friday 24th January 201410:30 pm£3.00
Friday 31st January 201410:30 pm£3.00
Friday 14th February 201410:30 pm£3.00
Friday 21st February 201410:30 pm£3.00
Friday 28th February 201410:30 pm£3.00
Friday 7th March 201410:30 pm£3.00
Friday 14th March 201410:30 pm£3.00
Friday 21st March 201410:30 pm£3.00
Friday 28th March 201410:30 pm£3.00
Friday 4th April 201410:30 pm£3.00
Friday 11th April 201410:30 pm£3.00
Friday 18th April 201410:30 pm£3.00
Friday 25th April 201410:30 pm£25.00
Friday 2nd May 201410:30 pm£10.00
Friday 16th May 201410:30 pm£22.00
Friday 23rd May 201410:30 pm£6.00
Friday 23rd May 201410:30 pm£6.00
Friday 6th June 201410:30 pm£3.00
Friday 6th June 201410:30 pm£7.50
Friday 13th June 201410:30 pm£3.00
Friday 13th June 201410:30 pm£7.50
Friday 20th June 201410:30 pm£3.00
Friday 20th June 201410:30 pm£7.50
Friday 27th June 201410:30 pm£12.50
Friday 4th July 201410:30 pm£3.00
Friday 4th July 201410:30 pm£23.00 to £26.00
Friday 11th July 201410:30 pm£3.00
Friday 11th July 201410:30 pm£23.00 to £25.00
Friday 18th July 201410:30 pm£3.00
Friday 18th July 201410:30 pm£10.00
Friday 25th July 201410:30 pm£4.00
Friday 25th July 201410:30 pm£12.50
Friday 1st August 201410:30 pm£4.00
Friday 8th August 201410:30 pm£4.00
Friday 15th August 201410:30 pm£4.00
Friday 22nd August 201410:30 pm£4.00
Friday 29th August 201410:30 pm£4.00
Friday 5th September 201410:30 pm£4.00
Friday 12th September 201410:30 pm£4.00
Friday 19th September 201410:30 pm£4.00
Friday 26th September 201410:30 pm£4.00
Friday 3rd October 201410:30 pm£4.00
Friday 10th October 201410:30 pm£4.00
Friday 17th October 201410:30 pm£4.00
Friday 24th October 201410:30 pm£4.00
Friday 31st October 201410:30 pm£4.00
Friday 7th November 201410:30 pm£4.00
Friday 14th November 201410:30 pm£4.00
Friday 21st November 201410:30 pm£4.00
Friday 28th November 201410:30 pm£4.00
Friday 5th December 201410:30 pm£4.00
Friday 12th December 201410:30 pm£4.00
Friday 19th December 201410:30 pm£4.00
Saturday 27th December 201410:30 pm£4.00
Friday 2nd January 201510:30 pm£4.00
Friday 9th January 201510:30 pm£4.00
Friday 16th January 201510:30 pm£4.00
Friday 23rd January 201510:30 pm£4.00
Friday 30th January 201510:30 pm£4.00
Friday 6th February 201510:30 pm£4.00
Friday 13th February 201510:30 pm£4.00
Friday 20th February 201510:30 pm£4.00
Friday 27th February 201510:30 pm£4.00
Friday 6th March 201510:30 pm£4.00
Friday 13th March 201510:30 pm£4.00
Friday 20th March 201510:30 pm£4.00
Friday 27th March 201510:30 pm£4.00
Friday 3rd April 201510:30 pm£4.00
Friday 10th April 201510:30 pm£4.00
Friday 17th April 201510:30 pm£3.00
Friday 24th April 201510:30 pm£4.00
Friday 1st May 201510:30 pm£4.00
Friday 15th May 201510:30 pm£4.00
Friday 22nd May 201510:30 pm£4.00
Friday 29th May 201510:30 pm£4.00
Friday 5th June 201510:30 pm£4.00
Friday 12th June 201510:30 pm£4.00
Friday 19th June 201510:30 pm£4.00
Friday 26th June 201510:30 pm£4.00
Friday 3rd July 201510:30 pm£4.00
Friday 10th July 201510:30 pm£4.00
Friday 17th July 201510:30 pm£4.00
Friday 24th July 201510:30 pm£4.00
Friday 31st July 201510:30 pm£4.00
Friday 7th August 201510:30 pm£4.00
Friday 14th August 201510:30 pm£4.00
Friday 21st August 201510:30 pm£4.00
Friday 28th August 201510:30 pm£4.00
Friday 4th September 201510:30 pm£4.00
Friday 11th September 201510:30 pm£4.00
Friday 18th September 201510:30 pm£4.00
Friday 25th September 201510:30 pm£4.00
Friday 2nd October 201510:30 pm£4.00
Friday 9th October 201510:30 pm£4.00
Friday 16th October 201510:30 pm£4.00
Friday 23rd October 201510:30 pm£3.00
Friday 30th October 201510:30 pm£4.00
Friday 6th November 201510:30 pm£4.00
Friday 13th November 201510:30 pm£4.00
Friday 20th November 201510:30 pm£4.00
Friday 27th November 201510:30 pm£4.00
Friday 4th December 201510:30 pm£4.00
Friday 11th December 201510:30 pm£4.00
Friday 18th December 201510:30 pm£4.00
Wednesday 23rd December 201510:30 pm£4.00
Friday 8th January 201610:30 pm£4.00
Friday 15th January 201610:30 pm£4.00
Friday 22nd January 201610:30 pm£4.00
Friday 29th January 201610:30 pm£4.00
Friday 5th February 201610:30 pm£4.00
Friday 12th February 201610:30 pm£4.00
Friday 26th February 201610:30 pm£4.00
Friday 4th March 201610:30 pm£4.00
Friday 11th March 201610:30 pm£4.00
Friday 18th March 201610:30 pm£4.00
Friday 25th March 201610:30 pm£4.00
Friday 1st April 201610:30 pm£4.00
Friday 8th April 201610:30 pm£4.00
Friday 15th April 201610:30 pm£4.00
Friday 22nd April 201610:30 pm£4.00
Friday 29th April 201610:30 pm£4.00
Friday 6th May 201610:30 pm£4.00
Friday 13th May 201610:30 pm£4.00
Friday 20th May 201610:30 pm£4.00
Friday 27th May 201610:30 pm£4.00
Friday 3rd June 201610:30 pm£4.00
Friday 10th June 201610:30 pm£4.00
Friday 24th June 201610:30 pm£4.00
Friday 1st July 201610:30 pm£4.00
Friday 8th July 201610:30 pm£4.00
Friday 15th July 201610:30 pm£4.00
Friday 22nd July 201610:30 pm£3.00
Friday 29th July 201610:30 pm£4.00
Friday 5th August 201610:30 pm£3.00
Friday 5th August 201610:30 pm£3.00
Friday 12th August 201610:30 pm£3.00
Friday 19th August 201610:30 pm£3.00
Friday 26th August 201610:30 pm£3.00
Friday 2nd September 201610:30 pm£3.00
Friday 9th September 201610:30 pm£3.00
Friday 16th September 201610:30 pm£4.00
Friday 23rd September 201610:30 pm£4.00
Friday 30th September 201610:30 pm£4.00
Friday 7th October 201610:30 pm£4.00
Friday 21st October 201610:30 pm£4.00
Friday 4th November 201610:30 pm£4.00
Friday 11th November 201610:30 pm£4.00
Friday 18th November 201610:30 pm£4.00
Friday 25th November 201610:30 pm£4.00
Friday 2nd December 201610:30 pm£4.00
Friday 9th December 201610:30 pm£4.00
Friday 16th December 201610:30 pm£3.00
Friday 23rd December 201610:30 pm£4.00
Friday 6th January 201710:30 pm£4.00
Friday 13th January 201710:30 pm£4.00
Friday 20th January 201710:30 pm£4.00
Friday 27th January 201710:30 pm£4.00
Friday 3rd February 201710:30 pm£4.00
Friday 10th February 201710:30 pm£4.00
Friday 17th February 201710:30 pm£4.00
Friday 24th February 201710:30 pm£4.00
Friday 3rd March 201710:30 pm£4.00
Friday 10th March 201710:30 pm£4.00
Friday 17th March 201710:30 pm£4.00
Friday 24th March 201710:30 pm£4.00
Friday 31st March 201710:30 pm£4.00
Friday 7th April 201710:30 pm £
Friday 7th April 201710:30 pm£3.00
Friday 14th April 201710:30 pm £
Friday 14th April 201710:30 pm£3.00
Friday 21st April 201710:30 pm £
Friday 21st April 201710:30 pm£3.00
Friday 28th April 201710:30 pm £
Friday 28th April 201710:30 pm£3.00
Friday 5th May 201710:30 pm£3.00
Friday 12th May 201710:30 pm£3.00
Friday 19th May 201710:30 pm£3.00
Friday 26th May 201710:30 pm£3.00
Friday 2nd June 201710:30 pm£3.00
Friday 9th June 201710:30 pm£3.00
Friday 16th June 201710:30 pm£3.00
Friday 23rd June 201710:30 pm£3.00
Friday 30th June 201710:30 pm£3.00
Friday 14th July 201710:30 pm£3.00
Friday 21st July 201710:30 pm£3.00
Friday 28th July 201710:30 pm£3.00
Friday 4th August 201710:30 pm£3.00 to £4.00
Friday 11th August 201710:30 pm£3.00 to £4.00
Friday 18th August 201710:30 pm£3.00 to £4.00
Friday 25th August 201710:30 pm£3.00 to £4.00
Friday 1st September 201710:30 pm£3.00 to £4.00
Friday 8th September 201710:30 pm£3.00 to £4.00
Friday 15th September 201710:30 pm£3.00 to £4.00
Friday 22nd September 201710:30 pm£3.00 to £4.00
Friday 29th September 201710:30 pm£3.00 to £4.00
Friday 6th October 201710:30 pm£3.00
Friday 20th October 201710:30 pm£3.00
Friday 27th October 201710:30 pm£3.00
Friday 3rd November 201710:30 pm£3.00
Friday 10th November 201710:30 pm£3.00
Friday 17th November 201710:30 pm£3.00
Friday 24th November 201710:30 pm£3.00
Friday 1st December 201710:30 pm £
Friday 22nd December 201710:30 pm £
Friday 29th December 201710:30 pm £


Theatre Description

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Jacob Banks

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Nuns of Tundra


Of Mice and Men

Oscar Winners: Music From The Academy Awards


Pale Waves

Paloma Faith

Paloma Faith - Platinum Seating

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Paul Chowdhry.

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Peter Kay

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Remembering Fred Plus Special Guests


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Rita Ora

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Romain Virgo

Romeo and Juliet - Birmingham Royal Ballet

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Russell Brand - Re:Birth

Russell Peters

Sabrina Benaim

Sam Smith

Sam Smith - Platinum

Sam Smith - VIP Package

Sara Pascoe - LadsLadsLads

Sarah Kendall: One-Seventeen

Sarah Millican: Control Enthusiast


Savage Messiah

Scott Bradlee's Postmodern Jukebox

Seal - The Standards Tour

Seal - The Standards Tour - Platinum


Shane Filan

Shane Filan - Meet & Greet Upgrade Package

Shania Twain

Shania Twain - Front Row Package

Shania Twain - Hot Ticket Package

Sharon Needles - Battle Axe Tour


Shreya Ghoshal

Shuggie Otis


Simply Sinatra

Sister Act Live Choir

Skengdo X AM


Skull Fox

Skyline Series - Garbage

Skyline Series - James Arthur

Skyline Series - Texas + Imelda May

Skyline Series - The The

Slam Dunk Festival 2018 - Midlands

Soul II Soul: Thirty Years Tour

SoundWaves Music Competition Birmingham Final


Spectacular Classics

Star Wars - A New Hope - Film with Live Orchestra

Star Wars - Hot Ticket Package


Stefflon Don

Stephen Bailey: Can't Think Straight

Stereophonics - Seated

Stereophonics - Standing

Steve Hackett Genesis Revisited - Band with Orchestra

Steven Wilson

Stewart Francis - Into the Punset

Stomp (Touring)

Stone Broken

Strictly Come Dancing The Professionals Tour 2019

Suggs - A Life In The Realm Of Madness


Susanne Sundfor

Taj Express

Tankcsapda UK Tour 2018

Taylor Bennett

Tears for Fears

Teedra Moses


The Amy Winehouse Experience...A.K.A Lioness

The Australian Pink Floyd

The Australian Pink Floyd - VIP Packages

The Band

The Beat starring Dave Wakeling

The Bluetones

The Bootleg Beatles

The Breeders

The Clause

The Clone Roses

The Daniel Wakeford Experience

The Doors Alive

The Fallen State

The Four Tops & The Temptations

The Fratellis

The Front Bottoms

The Great Irish Songbook: An Evening with Damien Dempsey

The High Kings

The Human League - Red Live 2018

The Hunna

The League Of Gentlemen Live Again!

The Magic Gang

The Musical Box - A Genesis Extravaganza

The Original Harlem Globetrotters

The Play That Goes Wrong

The Pop Hits Tour

The Shires

The Smyths - Unite and Take Over Tour 2018

The Southmartins

The Stranglers

The Streets

The Temperance Movement

The Temperance Movement: 'A Deeper Cut'

The Twisted Circus

The Vaccines

The Vamps: Night and Day Tour

The Verve Experience

The Violettes

The Wailers

The Wedding Present

The White Buffalo

The Wombats

The Wonder Stuff + Ned's Atomic Dustbin | Love From Stourbridge 2018

Thirty Seconds To Mars

Thirty Seconds To Mars - Platinum

Tim Vine: Sunset Milk Idiot

Titanic the Musical

Tom Grennan

Tom Misch

Tom Walker

Tommy Emmanuel: The Intimate Sound Tour + special guest Frank Vignola


Trivium - VIP Experience

Turin Brakes

Ugly Kid Joe

UK Foo Fighters (Tribute Band) - Banging On The Ceiling Tour

Varius Manx & Kasia Stankiewicz

Walk The Moon

Walking with Dinosaurs - The Arena Spectacular

War Horse (Touring)

War of The Worlds - Hot Tickets


We Are Scientists


Will Heard

Winter Carnival ft DJ Nate

Within Temptation

WWE Live

X Factor Tour 2018 - Matinee

X Factor Tour 2018 - Matinee - Diamond VIP Package

X Factor Tour 2018 - Matinee - Platinum


Y.O.U.N.G (Lazy Tour)

Y.O.U.N.G - Lazy Tour

Yes Lad

Young Fathers

Yxng Bane

Zak Abel

Zimmer VS Williams

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